Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Baubles

Contemporary Christmas Bauble

I love this colour combination. Chocolate and Pink are just so yummy.

Super easy to make - I got the glass baubles, ribbon & card etc from a craft store and the pebbles from the supermarket.

I'd recommend buying three of the large bags of pebbles (smarties) to fill the bauble to just under half.

There are 8 colours so you could do lots of different colour combinations.

Super Cute Christmas Bauble

I think the ribbon is just the cutest and this one is for my son for Christmas.

Paying full price for each item & using pebbles the cost is about $4- $4.50 (Cadbury Pebbles from the supermarket 140gms $2.96)

Change that and use jelly beans the cost reduces down to $2.50-$3 (Home Brand jelly beans 500gms $3.06)

I'll be using the jelly beans to make these for my sons classmates. After they eat the candy they can decorate the bauble for themselves

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